Significance And Career Of Software Engineer In The World Of Technology

Science and technology is advancing at a rapid rate and this advancement has raised the need of software engineers in the IT world. The job of a software engineer is to design and create different types of applications and software on specific programming languages. After composing the basic infrastructure of an application or software, a software developer needs to guide the computer programmer about the languages and codes used for final production. Different applications that are used so commonly nowadays on computers and mobile are designed by these brilliant people called software engineers. They are also responsible for designing software that runs in the background of our advanced computers and smart phones and make them work smoothly. Another duty of a software engineer is to maintain and upgrade the software and keep it bug free and easy to use.

Education Required For Becoming a Software Engineer:

The minimum education required by most companies is the bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science or other relevant disciplines. However, some companies prefer the master’s degree in the respective subjects. A bachelor’s in mathematics can also do this, but some additional computer courses are necessary. The software engineers can increase their job opportunities by doing some particular certification courses related to programming like C++, Oracle, Java, and Microsoft etc. Computer software engineers are often given a few months training at job as the companies want their employees to be aware of all the latest trends in their field.

Annual Earnings Of A Software Engineer:

Among all the fields of engineering, computer engineering is considered an excellent field with respect to salary. The software engineers in the USA are the among the highest salary earners these days. A report from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has revealed that the software engineers made maximum $99,000 per annum in the year 2014. This report has also mentioned that the starting salary of software engineers is about $62,000 per year. Moreover, the minimum wages for an experienced software engineer in the USA is around $90,060 per year. These statistics have clearly shown that software engineers are getting competitive salary, which is encouraging more people to enter this amazing field.

Working Environment Of A Software Engineer:

Usually, software engineers get to work in a pleasant and busy office environment, but sometimes they may have to work in a workshop or computer laboratories. Most software engineers work on projects that take more time and energy. Many software engineers work for about 40 hours a week, but it can be increased or decreased according to the responsibility they get from the employer.


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